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With passion, hard work and determination you can become a top-notch singer and performer.

My teaching style is innovative, enjoyable, and individualized to each student’s goals and abilities. Students are encouraged to choose material suitable to their singing style, whether it is R&B, Country, Rock, Jazz, or Broadway show tunes.  For those students pursuing a pop music career, I tailor lessons to reflect current music trends. Vocal students will learn how to sing with proper technique and breath control, as well as learn how to perform and interpret a song.

Students should expect a brief warm-up, followed by time spent performing with a microphone. Becoming a great singer/recording artist is a combination of:

  • choosing the right song(s)                      

  • delivery

  • vocal coloring and texture                     

  • lyric interpretation

  • breath control                                         

  • stage presence


All six elements are essential if your desire is to become a confident and accomplished singer.

Beginning piano students will learn the fundamentals of playing from traditional teaching sources. If you choose to learn how to improvise playing pop chords, I will use my own contemporary methods to teach you the skills needed.

For both piano and pop voice lessons I use a state-of-the-art Yamaha piano and EV sound system. Lessons are 30 to 60 minutes in length, and rates are competitive. If you are local, I can travel to your home if you have an acoustic or weighted digital piano. Throughout the year I offer various performing and recording opportunities.

To be a successful vocalist you must learn proper vowel placement, breath control, and performance value. Singing is a very physical endeavor and you will need these three elements at work to reach your full potential.



Vowel Placement:

Proper Vowel placement is essential to maintain a consistent vocal performance. When this is executed correctly the listener becomes completely engaged in your song and performance.  Not having this working properly may result in a lack-luster, pitchy performance that will be unsatisfactory to you and the listener.

Breath Control:

Breathing properly as a vocalist is imperative. You must learn to pull breaths from your diaphragm and NOT from your lungs. Your lungs will only sustain breath for a short period. Your goal is to sustain long lasting breaths, which come from your core; that emanates from the bottom of your rib cage to approximately two inches below your naval. You must have proper vowel placement plus proper breathing to consistently sing on pitch.

Performance Value:

Proper phrasing, tone quality (vocal coloring and texture), interpretation, stage appearance, and delivery achieve performance value. It isn’t enough to just sing a song. As an artist it is your job to give life to the songwriters lyrics and music. Once you’ve read through a lyric many times and understanding it’s meaning and intention, you must then learn how to interpret the song with your own unique style.  Like riding a bike; vowel placement, breathing, performance, microphone technique, and stage appearance will become second nature to you.



I offer my students opportunities to perform before live audiences. The venue can be anything from a contest to a popular gathering place. I also offer recording studio projects for those students serious about taking their music career to the next level. (All recording studio time is funded by the student).

For booking information email me using the contact form here.

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